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Oh Hey Vacay Gift Guide!

These are ten of my must-haves when I travel! They make the PERFECT gift for any travel lover... and hey, maybe that’s you?! My mom and I have a joke that we’re always on the look out for the BEST airplane sweater and after I found the one on this list, I told her, “I found THE airplane sweater!” I’m convinced there will never be a better one. This list will make your (and your loved ones) vacays even better! Enjoy! ☺

  1. If you have one of the more recent iPhones, you know the headphone jack has changed and it won’t fit into any kind of standard headphone jack outlet. So if your flight has TV screens that you want to watch, you’ll need to bring the right headphones! These headphones are easy to just keep in your travel bag and they come in a pack of two so you can get one for yourself and someone else!

  2. If you prefer to just use your personal device and want the best wireless headphones, the Bose QuietComfort 35 is my FAVORITE! It shuts out any noise and makes it so easy to sleep. If you want to listen to music or watch a movie, the sound is unbelievable and so immersive. It even has an Amazon Alexa built into it! If you prefer the earbud option, this one is the way to go!

  3. I’ve used a lot of sheet masks before, but this Hydrating + Lifting Sheet Mask tops them all! I use it twice a month, but always make sure to use it after a flight! It always restores moisture in my skin and gives it the best glow! And for the guys: my husband Jordan uses it, too. He says it “preserves the sexy” haha! I’ll also say, I haven’t actually tried this Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask yet, but I’ve heard a lot about it and just ordered one to possibly add to my regimen!

  4. This is THE plane sweater. I could LIVE in this Barefoot Dreams Cardigan! Who am I kidding, I kind of do! I wear it around the house and around town, but I ALWAYS bring it with me when I fly. It feels like butter and immediately makes me so relaxed when I have it on! I got my mom this Barefoot Dreams Cardigan last year for Christmas and she’s obsessed! If you’re looking for something with more fabric to wrap up in, I’d go with that one!

  5. This Neck Support Travel Pillow makes sleeping on planes so much easier! Jordan has always struggled to fall asleep on a flight and this is the only thing we’ve found that allows him to sleep comfortably! And we never feel stiff afterwards… win, win! Highly recommend it!

  6. This 4-in-1 Travel Blanket is a DREAM. People always ask me about it! It’s SO soft and can either be a blanket, pillow or back support! It zips up really compact so it fits into any travel bag so easily!

  7. Planes are often cold, so I always bring these super soft cabin socks with me to prevent getting cold feet! These really come in handy on long haul flights. There’s lots of color/print options, too!

  8. This Erin Condren travel planner is SO cute and makes it easy to document the details of your trips! I love to write when we travel… I always look back and am reminded of things that I had forgotten about!

  9. This Push Pin World Map was a gift I gave Jordan early on when we first started dating and he’s had it hanging in his office ever since! Every time we travel somewhere new together, we mark it with a push pin! It’s a fun way to track where you’ve been and create some travel goals together! There’s different colored pins, so you can use one color for places you’ve BEEN and one for places you’d LOVE to go! If you want something a little simpler looking, this one is a great option, too!

  10. Lastly, there’s nothing worse than being sick on vacay (or any time around the holidays for that matter)! Airplanes and airports are full of germs, so with 80% of your immune system being in your gut, I take this pharmaceutical grade probiotic + Vitamin C Booster (think Emergen-C, but more pure and effective) at the beginning of all travel days! I’ve been taking both of them for years and love ‘em!

Hope this makes your gift-giving a little easier and your vacays a little more magical!



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