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B Y  K R I S T E N  K E M P E R

How to travel for free by being strategic with money you're already spending.

I F  Y O U ' R E  S O M E O N E  W H O :

 Loves to travel and would do more of it if it was free

Is overwhelmed by figuring out the best 1-3 credit cards to have

Doesn’t have the time to study and evaluate all of the point strategies out there

Would love to earn free travel if you had a simple, wise & effective strategy that’s easy to follow

Doesn’t want just any strategy, but a strategy where you’re maximizing your money saved & travel earned

…then this course is for you!



Y O U ' L L  L E A R N

How I booked a FREE trip to Hawaii (5 star hotels & first class flights) that would have cost us over $12k!!

Common mistakes & how to avoid them

The top 3 credit cards to have (2 are optional!) and how to maximize their benefits

How to get the MOST points for every dollar you spend


Other cards to consider & how to decide if they make sense for you


Creative ways to earn extra points 


How to spend as little points as possible for the travel you want (so you don’t spend more than you need to!)

W H A T  T O  E X P E C T

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2 PDFs for easy reference


AN ONLINE COURSE PLATFORM where you can revisit the content as often as you’d like!


BONUS: FREE access into my private Facebook group where I answer questions and will continue to share money & time saving travel tips!

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Kathy D.

“Exceptional content and Kristen’s delivery captured my attention and made it fun to listen to. I'm glad that the videos are available to continually review because they are such invaluable resources! She exceeded my expectations! Plan to be traveling the world for free real soon!”

W H A T  T H E Y ' R E  S A Y I N G

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 11.41.14

Sarah W.

“This is a blessing to us in so many ways! My husband looked at me at the end of video number three and said, ‘This is something we can do!’ We’re all in! Transforming our spending to work for us! Thank you for making this course affordable for all. BEST stay-home date night EVER!”


Heather B.

"Kristen’s course is one of the BEST investments... I THOUGHT I was savvy and doing things well already, but I learned so much! I’ve already earned back my investment in the way I’m doing things differently and planning for our future journeys! So grateful, I can’t stop telling others about it!"

  • Is this a live course?
    It isn’t live! You can log in and out of the course as often as you’d like and go through it at your own pace!
  • How much time will it take to complete the course?
    There are 7 videos/topics and 2 PDFs for easy reference at the end. The whole course can be completed in just under 90 mins!
  • Is this just about what credit cards to have?
    No, there’s a lot more to it! That’s why it took me 7 videos & a lot of visuals to be able to fully teach it. You’ll learn exactly WHAT to do and WHY to do it! ☺
  • What if I have some questions at the end?
    We have a private Facebook group for the Oh Hey Vacay community where I answer questions and share other money-saving travel tips!

Three of My Values:

Family. Stewardship. Travel.

When I realized I could earn free travel by being strategic about the money we were already spending, I was determined to figure out how.

The problem: the information was out there.. but there were hundreds of articles on the topic.

I wondered, "Who's right?" & "Why do they all recommend something different?"

If I listened to them all, I would have 30+ credit cards by now! I just wanted a few cards... but not just any few. The BEST few. I wanted to maximize my money saved & travel earned.

So I read the articles, did the research and even created spreadsheets. Two years later, I finally felt like I grasped all of the options to be able to narrow them down and confidently say, "THIS is how you earn free vacays, the fastest."

This is the course I wish someone had made for me... so I want to be that someone for you!


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+ stay in-the-know on all things Oh Hey Vacay!


C O N T A C T  M E

So excited for you to learn valuable travel tools in this course!

Contact me for any comment, question, or concern.

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Thanks! Message sent.

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